Thermal Paper Correction Fluid With Unboxing Knife

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Your information has been leaked???

This thermal paper correction fluid with unboxing knife is the fastest and most effective data remover in the market.

It can not only open the box easily, but also quickly remove the information on receipts, package labels, etc.


2 in 1 privacy protection artifact, smear lightly and say goodbye to the leak, equipped with a box opening knife, which can easily open the box.

Disappears in one wipe, only need to wipe gently, you can make important data disappear.

Lightweight design, carry it with you and long lasting( one bottle can be applied more than 100+ times).

Rotate the lidand can prevent the liquid from leaking.(rotate right)

It can easily wiped out all the details on the receipts, package labels, bills, credit card offers, bank statements, tax returns, postcards, junk mail and more.


Capacity: 10ML

Product Size: 85*25mm

Prdduct Weight: 35g/Supplement: 25g

Style: Correction Fluid, Correction Fluid +Supplement

Package Includes: 1*Thermal Paper Correction Fluid with Unboxing Knife


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  • Thermal Paper Correction Fluid With Unboxing Knife
    Thermal Paper Correction Fluid With Unboxing Knife
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