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Bluetooth Wireless Laser Keyboard

Bluetooth Wireless Laser Keyboard

Are you tired of lugging around bulky keyboards for your devices? Look no further! We have the perfect solution that will revolutionize the way you type. Say hello to our cutting-edge Projection Keyboard!

  1. Seamless Connectivity: Our projection keyboard effortlessly connects to all your favorite devices, including tablet PCs, smartphones, desktop computers, and even video games, using Bluetooth HID technology. It's time to experience ultimate compatibility like never before!

  2. Futuristic Input Device: Prepare to be amazed! With its built-in infrared laser, our projection keyboard projects a full standard keyboard onto any working surface. Imagine typing away on your desk, a coffee shop table, or even your kitchen countertop. The possibilities are endless!

  3. Optical Precision: No more searching for the right keys! Our projection keyboard utilizes advanced optical recognition technology to accurately detect your keystrokes. Simply tap on the projected keys, and watch your words come to life. It's a typing experience like no other!

  4. Portable and Practical: Say goodbye to cumbersome physical keyboards. Our projection keyboard boasts a compact size and is incredibly lightweight, making it incredibly easy to carry wherever you go. It seamlessly adapts to any work environment, whether you're on the move or sitting at your desk.

  5. Wide Compatibility: Compatible with a wide range of devices, our projection keyboard supports various operating systems, including Windows, iOS, Android, and Mac OS. If your device has Bluetooth, get ready to unleash the full potential of our projection keyboard.

Specifications that Speak for Themselves:

  • Brilliant Light Source: Our projection keyboard is equipped with a powerful red laser diode, ensuring clear visibility and optimal performance.
  • Perfectly Sized: With dimensions of 240mm width and 100mm height, our projection keyboard provides ample space for comfortable typing.
  • Precise Keyboard Location: Positioned approximately 80mm from the bottom of the device, the projected keyboard feels natural and ergonomic.
  • Versatile Projection Surface: Our projection keyboard effortlessly adapts to any sturdy surface, whether it's reflective or opaque.
  • Lightning-Fast Recognition: Experience impressive typing speed with a recognition rate of up to 350 characters per minute.
  • Any Surface, Anywhere: From office desks to café tables, our projection keyboard functions flawlessly on any solid surface.
  • Rapid Battery Charging: Spend less time waiting and more time typing as our projection keyboard fully charges in just about 120 minutes.
  • Cutting-Edge Bluetooth: Built with Bluetooth V3.0 for HID Profile Ver 1.0, our projection keyboard ensures a stable and seamless connection.

Package Content that Exceeds Expectations:

  • 1 Spectacular Laser Keyboard: Unlock the power of advanced typing with our incredible projection keyboard.

Embrace the future of typing with our mind-blowing Projection Keyboard! Say goodbye to clunky physical keyboards and embrace the ultimate convenience and portability. Upgrade your typing experience today and unleash your productivity like never before!

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