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With Gshopper you can discover a wide variety of products from around the world. We provide the best each country has to offer, with brands from Japan, Korea, France, the United States, and more.
44 Countries/Areas
14 Currencies
12 Languages
0 Million orders
100 Million in VC funding

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      Our Founder

      Yeogirl Yun

      Founder & CTO

      Yeogirl Yun graduated with MS in Computer Science from Stanford University and BS in Computer Engineering from Seoul National University. Yeogirl is a serial entrepreneur with a proven track record for building innovative search-related companies with successful exits for investors.

      • Founder, Chairman & CTO

        Founder & CTO

        ( Japan)

        Online price comparison and product research

        Founded 2004

        United States, France, Germany, Japan, Italy, United Kingdom

        US$37M in funding from
        TPG, Transcosomos,
        Eurpean Founders Fund

        Acquired by Connexity

      • Founder, Chairman & CTO

        Enterprice search, Big Data mining, and AI

        Founded 2000

        Repubilic of Korea

        US$12M in funding from Transcosmos, Samsung SDS, Solborn Investment

        2018 $25mm revenue, $4mm profit, 20% annual growth rate
        Planning 2023 IPO

      • Founder & CTO

        Online search engine

        Founded 1999

        United States

        US$10M in funding from KTB Ventures, LG, Ambex Ventures

        Acquired by LookSmart 
        (Nasdaq: Look)

      • Founder & CTO

        Online price-comparison

        search engine

        Founded 1998

        United States

        Intel Capital, Citigroup PE, Sprout Group, Brentwood VC

        Acquired for US$700M by CNET

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