Ulefone Power Armor 18T: Rugged Phone with Thermal Imaging Camera

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Most Advanced Thermal Imaging

Thermal by FLIR Lepton 3.5

Power Armor 18T makes a dramatic improvement to thermal imaging, featuring the highest resolution FLIR Lepton to date, the Lepton 3.5. This professional-grade sensor brings 4 times the thermal resolution as the previous generations. With even greater thermal image detail and quality, it enables users to diagnose the leak, the damp, the draught, the blockage or the electrical short more efficiently than ever.



108MP  Flagship Main Camera

Revolutionary Photography

Experience the new generation 108MP camera empowered by Samsung ’s ISOCELL HM2. The massive 1/1.52 ” sensor, armed with ISOCELL Plus and Smart-ISO technology, brings massive light and low noise, so you can capture vivid, lifelike images and stunning 4K video for every moment. Plus with a 9-in-1 pixel binning technology to enhance pixel size from 0.7 µm to 2.1 µm, the sensor can take incredibly clear photos, day or night.



5MP Microlens Camera

60x Super Magnification

Explore the tiny worlds in a super close macro shot. The powerful 60x magnification allows you to examine objects in great detail both outdoors and indoors, for example, checking for roof cracks, inspecting equipment or circuit boards, and viewing minuscule objects like small insects and rocks.



32MP HD Front Camera

Show Your Best Self

It ’s time to level up your selfie game. The all-new 32MP HD front camera, with Samsung ’s S5KGD1 sensor, delivers amazing clarity and will help you take beautiful selfies in low lighting conditions as well. With its portrait enhancement features, be confident of looking radiant in every shot.



MediaTek   Dimensity 900    

The Fastest Chip Ever on Armor Phones

Powered by the MediaTek Dimensity 900, Power Armor 18T achieves cutting-edge speed and performance for the first time in a rugged phone. 2.4GHz high-frequency Arm Cortex-A78 CPU comes with 1000MHz powerful Arm Mali-G68 GPU, delivering next-level data computing and image processing ability with less consumption. A leading 6nm process vastly extends battery life even for demanding users, and 5G integrated into the chip gives fast, stable and wide-range connections.



Up to   17GB Memory

256GB Internal Storage

Enjoy the ultimate speed at your fingertips.  12GB of RAM and up to 5GB   of virtual RAM allow multiple memory-hungry apps to run snappily at the same time. Besides, 256GB of internal storage plus a microSD card of up to 2TB provides ample space for more apps, files, photos, and videos, making downloading and sharing a breeze.

*The Virtual Memory Expansion can be activated in Settings and adds up to 5GB of RAM. Some software may not be compatible with this feature.

*The microSD card is not included and needs to be purchased separately.



* The actual available RAM and storage are less than the listed total capacity due to the occupied storage of the operating system and software pre-installed in the device.

6.58 ”FHD+  Display

The Ultimate Viewing Experience

In the large 6.58 ” FHD+ display offering brilliant, vivid colors and immense details, texts look sharp, and images and videos look rather crisp from every angle. Whether you ’re browsing through content, watching movies, or playing games, it keeps you entertained.



*6.58 inches is the diagonal length of the display when the four rounded corners are taken to be pointed corners, the actual viewable area is slightly smaller.

120Hz   Refresh Rate

Super Smooth Scrolling

The super 120Hz display refreshes twice as fast as a normal 60Hz screen for incredibly silky-smooth scrolling, while a 240Hz touch sampling rate promises a quick response speed to take gaming to new heights.



Corning ®Gorilla ®Glass 5

Double the Shock Resistance

Designed tougher yet thinner than normal glass, the Corning Gorilla Glass 5 provides superior protection against the drops, bumps, and damage that come with everyday use, while enabling a slim and visibly elegant design for the Armor 17 Pro. In lab tests, the 1.1mm thick glass can survive drops onto hard surfaces from 1.5 meters and also delivers 2x the scratch resistance.



Born for Ruggedness,

This is the True Powerhouse

Power Armor 18T with tough exteriors and reinforced components is a fully rugged, durable, and no-compromises phone in any conditions. The phone meets MIL-STD 810G standards in which it is drop tested multiple times, on all faces, corners, and edges, and reaches IP68 and IP69K levels for supreme protection against water, dust, dirt, sand, humidity and even salt mist.


*Power Armor 18T is splash, water, and dust resistant and was tested under controlled laboratory conditions with a rating of IP68 under IEC standard 60529 (maximum depth of 1.5 meters up to 30 minutes). Charger and accessories are not water-resistant. Splash, water and dust resistance are not permanent and might decrease as a result of normal wear.  Do not attempt to charge a wet Power Armor 18T. Liquid damage not covered under warranty.



9600mAh  Massive Battery

Ends Battery Anxiety

A larger 9600mAh battery keeps the phone going longer, with up to four days of normal use on a single charge. When you ’re out working in field or journeying through the woods, there is no need to stress over draining the battery, because it will have your back just like a trustworthy mate.


* 9600mAh is typical value, the battery rated capacity is 8740mAh. The battery is non-removable, removing it may cause damage to the device.


66W   Super Flash Charge

20% Battery in 10 Minutes

Revive your phone in a instant with the lightning fast 66W FlashCharge. Even the high-capacity battery of 9600mAh can be charged to 20% in just 10  minutes. Besides, the charger, charging cable, and phone all adopt a power management chip to prevent the battery from overcharging or overheating. 100% charging safety ensured.

15W Wireless Charging

15W Qi wireless charging makes charging phone easier with a stronger sense of technology. Simply drop the phone on the charging pad. No cords, no clutter.



*66W is the max charging power when using with original charger and data cable. Data are from Ulefone labs. The actual charging power and charging time may vary depending on the specific conditions, please refer to the actual usage situations.

* 15W is the max wireless charging power under the Qi protocol. Data are from Ulefone labs. The actual charging power and charging time may vary depending on the specific conditions, please refer to the actual usage situations.


Faster Wi-Fi 6

Up to 2x Improvement

Embrace the hyper-fast speeds from Wi-Fi 6. Compared to Wi-Fi 5, the next-generation Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax) delivers up to 3x the speed, 1/3 the latency, wider signal coverage, stronger signal penetration, and better battery life.



L1+L5 Dual Band GPS

Faster and More Accurate Location

New dual-band GPS technology can receive satellite signals from both L1 and L5 frequency bands, offering a significant enhancement in accuracy which enables real-time positioning within a few centimeters.



uSmart Expansion Connector

Designed for Professionals

The custom uSmart Expansion Connector allows easy access to more professional accessories such as an endoscope, magnifier, night vision camera, etc. With a simple installation, your Power Armor 18T can be turned into a professional-level device to boost your work.

*For more devices that are compatible with uSmart Expansion Connector, you are recommended to refer to our accessories list. Expansion devices require additional purchases.



The Latest Android 12

More personal, safe and effortless, Android 12 is going to give all-new pleasant experiences on this device. With a big visual redesign making it easier to personalize the interface. New privacy features to ensure a higher level of safety. And more seamless ways to boost your gameplay and transfer your old data onto this new phone.



Exclusive Armor Case

with Even More Portability

The Armor Case for the Power Armor 18T is made from rigid plastic to give extra protection for the back and corners. It comes with a heavy duty carabiner and a belt clip, so you can attach the phone to backpacks or belts for ease of access when adventuring outdoors.

*The protective case is sold separately.



The Ulefone Power Armor 18T is a rugged smartphone designed to withstand even the harshest environments. With its powerful features and durable construction, it is the perfect companion for outdoor enthusiasts, adventurers, and professionals working in demanding conditions. 

One of the standout features of the Power Armor 18T is its integrated thermal imaging camera by FLIR   This cutting-edge technology allows users to detect heat signatures and thermal anomalies, making it ideal for various applications such as search and rescue, wildlife observation, and building inspections. The thermal imaging camera provides real-time thermal imaging with exceptional clarity, ensuring accurate and detailed analysis in any situation.

Equipped with 12GB of RAM and a massive 256GB of internal storage, the Power Armor 18T offers unrivaled performance and storage capacity. Whether you need to run resource-intensive applications or store large amounts of data, this smartphone can handle it all. You can easily multitask, switch between apps seamlessly, and experience blazing-fast speeds, so you never have to compromise on productivity.

One of the most impressive features of the Power Armor 18T is its massive 9600mAh battery. This ultra-high capacity battery ensures extended usage time, allowing you to stay connected, even in remote locations, without worrying about running out of power. With such a large battery, you can use this phone for days on a single charge, making it perfect for outdoor adventures or prolonged work assignments without access to power outlets.

Additionally, the Power Armor 18T supports 66W fast charging, which means you can get the phone fully charged in a fraction of the time compared to traditional charging methods. This feature is a game-changer for individuals who are constantly on the move and can't afford to wait for hours to recharge their device.

Being a global version, the Power Armor 18T supports multiple network bands, ensuring compatibility with networks worldwide. Whether you're traveling for business or pleasure, you can rely on this smartphone to provide consistent and reliable connectivity wherever you go. It also comes with dual SIM capabilities, allowing you to easily switch between different networks or use two phone numbers simultaneously.

In terms of durability, the Power Armor 18T is built to withstand extreme conditions. With its rugged design, reinforced corners, and IP68 & IP69K ratings for water and dust resistance, this phone can handle drops, shocks, and immersion in water without any damage. It is also MIL-STD-810G certified, which means it can withstand extremely low and high temperatures, making it suitable for use in various climates and environments.

In conclusion, the Ulefone Power Armor 18T is a powerful, feature-packed, and durable smartphone that is ready for any adventure or challenging work situation. With its integrated thermal imaging camera, massive battery, fast charging capabilities, and global connectivity, it is the ultimate tool for outdoor enthusiasts, professionals, and anyone who needs a reliable and robust smartphone that can handle it all.

Ulefone Power Armor 18T Rugged Phone Thermal Imaging Camera FLIR® smartphone 12GB 256GB 9600mAh 66W moblie phone Global version