To increase user engagement and social media presence for Gshopper by encouraging users to share their purchases on social media and rewarding them for their efforts.


How to join the #GshopperShare


1.  After making a purchase on Gshopper, the user will receive an email encouraging them to share their purchase on their social media channels (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.) using the hashtag #Gshopper

2.And follow our social media official account.

3.  Users who share their purchase and receive more than 1,000 likes on their post will be eligible to receive a  free gift  from Gshopper.

4.  Users must submit their social media post URL and Gshopper order number to a designated email address within 7 days of their post in order to claim their prize.




1.  Only one prize per user will be awarded during the promotion period.

2.  Gshopper reserves the right to disqualify any user who violates the terms and conditions of the promotion.

3.  Gshopper reserves the right to modify the promotion mechanics and rules at any time without prior notice.