Smart Jigsaw Puzzle: Educational Sliding Toy with 500+ Questions

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Material ABS
Board size 175x108x25mm
Battery 2xAA batteries (not included)
Weight 292g



1. Mini size, easy to carry.

2. 500+ built-in questions, from easy to hard, intelligent pass sensing, stimulating learning interest.

3. Animation teaching, limited time to solve the challenge, a variety of modes waiting for your unlock.

4. Magnetic suction feel, the board and pieces are installed with magnets, smooth feel and not easy to fall apart.

5. Long press L key to enter teaching mode, dynamic demonstration of the solution steps. Long press the C key to enter challenge mode, the system automatically gives the score.


Package included:

1 x GIIKER Super Huarong Road Puzzle

The GIIKER Smart Jigsaw Puzzle Super Huarong Road is an innovative and educational toy that combines the traditional puzzle-solving experience with modern technology. This smart puzzle features a sliding clearance sensor and comes with a massive 500+ question bank, making it a fantastic tool for teaching and challenging both adults and kids. 
The puzzle is designed with a hi-tech sliding clearance sensor, which gives it the ability to detect the movement and sliding of the puzzle pieces. This sensor provides real-time feedback and guidance, ensuring that users are on the right track while solving the puzzle. It adds a new dynamic to the traditional puzzle-solving experience, making it more engaging and interactive. 
With its 500+ question bank, the GIIKER Smart Jigsaw Puzzle offers an extensive range of challenges and puzzles to solve. These questions cover a variety of topics such as math, language, logic, and spatial awareness, making it an excellent educational tool for both kids and adults. Users can choose to challenge themselves with random questions or focus on specific categories to enhance their skills in a particular area. 
One of the key benefits of the GIIKER Smart Jigsaw Puzzle is its versatility. It can be used as a standalone puzzle-solving device or connected to a smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth. By connecting to the GIIKER app, users can access additional features and game modes, such as multiplayer challenges and leaderboards. This allows for a more social and competitive experience, making it ideal for family gatherings or friendly competitions among friends. 
The GIIKER Smart Jigsaw Puzzle is not only educational but also a great toy for relaxation and stress relief. The process of solving puzzles can be highly therapeutic and can help improve focus and concentration. It provides a break from the digital world and allows users to engage in a hands-on and mentally stimulating activity. 
In terms of design, the GIIKER Smart Jigsaw Puzzle is made of high-quality materials that ensure durability and longevity. The puzzle pieces are precisely cut and fit seamlessly together, providing a satisfying and smooth experience. The puzzle board is compact and portable, allowing users to bring it along for long trips or outings. 
In conclusion, the GIIKER Smart Jigsaw Puzzle Super Huarong Road is an innovative and educational toy that offers a unique twist on traditional puzzle-solving. With its sliding clearance sensor, extensive question bank, and versatile features, it provides an engaging and interactive experience for users of all ages. Whether used for educational purposes or simply for relaxation, this puzzle is a fantastic gift idea for both kids and adults.

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  • Smart Jigsaw Puzzle: Educational Sliding Toy with 500+ Questions
    Smart Jigsaw Puzzle: Educational Sliding Toy with 500+ Questions
    As low as $61.47
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