Wholesale Rambo #kini Car Model: Simulated Alloy Toy

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【Product name】 Simulation Lamborghini 750 alloy car model

【Commodity color】red, white, yellow, black

[Product size] about 14.5*7*4.5CM

[commodity packaging] independent color box

[commodity weight] about 0.25KG/vehicle

[Packing Quantity] 96pcs/box

[packing specification] about 77*39*61CM

[Product material] Alloy/plastic, three AG13 button batteries are installed in the car

[Commodity function] sound and light, pull back, three doors

【How to use】Remove the insulation sheet at the bottom of the car, lightly press the front of the car, there will be sound and light, press and hold the car body and pull it back, then let go, the car will run forward01 (1).jpg01 (2).jpg01 (3).jpg01 (4).jpg01 (5).jpg01 (6).jpg01 (7).jpg01 (8).jpg01 (9).jpg01 (10).jpg01 (11).jpg01 (12).jpg

The Boxed 1:32 Rambo#kini car model is an incredible alloy model that will captivate the imagination of children and car enthusiasts alike. This simulation toy car is made with high-quality materials, ensuring durability and longevity. It features exquisite details that replicate the design and features of a real car, making it a highly sought-after collector's item. 
One of the standout features of this car model is the level of precision and accuracy in its design. Every curve, line, and feature has been meticulously recreated, providing an authentic and realistic experience. From the sleek bodywork to the intricate interior, this car model has been crafted with exceptional attention to detail. Children will love exploring the miniature world created by this toy car, while adults will appreciate the craftsmanship and artistry. 
The Boxed 1:32 Rambo#kini car model is perfect for both playtime and display. Its sturdy construction ensures it can withstand rough handling and hours of imaginative play. Whether it's racing against other toy cars or embarking on thrilling adventures, this model will deliver endless fun. When not being played with, this car model can be proudly exhibited on a shelf or desk, showcasing its beauty and uniqueness. 
Parents and guardians will appreciate the educational value of this toy car. Through playing with this model, children can develop their fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and spatial awareness. They can also learn about different car parts and how they work together. This toy encourages creativity, as children can create and act out their own narratives with the car model as the centerpiece. 
Another advantage of the Boxed 1:32 Rambo#kini car model is its versatility. It is not only an engaging toy for children but also a fantastic wholesale option. Retailers can stock up on this popular item to meet the demand of car enthusiasts and collectors. Its universal appeal ensures a wide target audience, making it a profitable choice for wholesale distribution. 
In conclusion, the Boxed 1:32 Rambo#kini car model is a fantastic alloy model that offers both playtime enjoyment and collectible value. With its exceptional precision, durability, and educational benefits, it is a compelling choice for children and car enthusiasts alike. Its versatility as a wholesale product also makes it an attractive option for retailers. Embrace the thrill and explore the world of miniature vehicles with this incredible car model.

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  • Wholesale Rambo #kini Car Model: Simulated Alloy Toy
    Wholesale Rambo #kini Car Model: Simulated Alloy Toy
    As low as $14.99
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