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9 LED Black Light, Gohyo 27W LED UV Bar Glow in the Dark Party Supplies for Christmas Blacklight Party Birthday Wedding Stage Lighting, Material Metal Iron

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    9 LED

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Products Details

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  • Black Lights Bar for UV paints Glow in the Dark

    This uv bar black lights is lightweight and portable so it would be perfect if you on the move Gohyo Stage Lighting.



    • Classic UV black light effects bar Lightweight, portable unit, totally plug&play.
    • Easy control by on/off switch, high power ultraviolet light unit.
    • Create stunning atmospheres at gigs or parties, works great with UV body paints & fluorescents.
    • Ideal for Halloween and Christmas parties, plays, events and gallery.




    • Blacklights with 27-watt high-output for ultraviolet wash.
    • Upgrade uv led replace for standard fluorescent tubes and bulbs
    • 360° Adjustable brackets for easy positioning, easy setup on the wall and the floor.


    Sweet Tips:

    Some customers may complain this 395-400nm blacklight is not strong or not bright enough. Please note this black light isn't supposed to light up your whole room with purple glow or provide ambient lighting; it is designed to light up fluorescent objects while keeping the rest of the room fairly dark. It can get a better blacklight effect in an area that is totally dark without other lights affected.

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