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AIR pro 3 45DB ANC TWS Wireless Earphones with Famous 1562A CHIP IOS / Android Compatible Bluetooth 5.2 12D Super Surround Bass Space Audio / EU VAT INCLUDED

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Products Details

Products Details

Note: The sales price includes EU VAT, please don't worry!

1. Change the name of GPS positioning.

2. Support multiple wireless charging.

3. Battery accurate;

4. Update the Bluetooth chip 5.2

5. Pressure sensor;

(Automatically pause / play music. The music pauses when the earphones are removed, and the music plays automatically when the earphones are put on.)

6. Battery life of 5 to 8 hours can be used to listen to songs.

7. Auto start / auto pair can be used immediately.

8. Fully compatible with iOS / Android and all mobile phones.

9. Transparent mode.

10. φ14 high quality speakers.

11. Super stereo HIFI sound quality.

12. True Active Noise Reduction (ANC).

13. The latest Airoha1562A chipset.

14. High quality sealed LED housing with text

15. How to switch between transparent mode and active noise canceling (ANC) mode: After disconnecting the Bluetooth connection of the mobile phone, keep pressing

      the headset until you hear a short sound.

16. Press once to play or pause.

17. Press twice to skip to the next track.

18. Press 3 to go to the previous track.

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