Drop Shipping


Download the Excel template, and input your order info as per standards.


Upload your order info file and your order will be generated automatically.


Check your order info and edit if you need to make any changes, then proceed to checkout.

Upload orders

* Note:

  • 1. Only .XLS and .XLSX files can be imported. The import file should only have one sheet. Please input data as per template, and do not delete or modify the column headers.
  • 2. The import file should contain fewer than 100 rows.
  • 3. Delivery country/region: select your delivery country/region in the first column of the template and make sure every row has the same delivery country/region.
  • 4. Store ID and SKU ID: you can find them on the product details page.
  • 5. Recipient's phone number: the area code is required. You may refer to the format in the template.
  • 6. Shipping addresses: all addresses must be consistent with the delivery country. Fill in the street and apartment details in the "Address" column. District information is required for orders delivered to China.
  • 7. Customs clearance information: this field is required for China and Korea only. To ensure a smooth customs clearance, the payer's ID card number should be provided for orders delivered to China; and the recipient's personal customs code is required for Korea.
  • 8. All required information must be completed.


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