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XIAOMI 70mai Pro Global Version 1944P Car DVR 140° HD Dash Cam

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Product parameters


SONY IMX335                                






FV140°, F1.8, 6 slope


Wireless connection


Wi-FilEEE 802tll b/g/n/2.4GHz




acceleration sensor  


Extended storage   


16GB 64GB, TF card with read/write speed of Class10 and above

Support system


Android4.1/IOS80 and above


Power supply mode


car cigarette lighter


Battery type


lithium ion polymer battery


Battery capacity




Input parameter




Working temperature


-10 ° C ~ 60 ° C


Product size




Executive Standard  




Broadcasting system

English language broadcast

PS:   Russian version has no voice control  


 Package Included:

1 * XIAOMI 70mai Dash Cam Pro  (Customers who do not purchase GPS will not include GPS module)

1 * Car Charger

1 * USB Cable

2 * Sticker

1 * Bracket

1 * Lever

1 * User Manual

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