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ROZI office chair PC chair desk chair flip-up armrest mesh back 9 cm thick seat surface ergonomics compact adjustable waist support 360 degree rotation that is good for the waist breathable seat lift locking function seat lift easy to assemble simple fash

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Office chair
Desk chair
PC chair

9 cm thick seat

Good breathability

Adjustable lumbar support

Exquisite S-shaped structure

9 cm thick high-density urethane seat

The cushion is made of a completely native high-density urethane material, which is comfortable and breathable, has a 9 cm thick seating surface, and does not collapse even if you sit for a long time.

Softly supports the buttocks.

Mesh fabric, excellent breathability

The back, seat and armrests of the mesh back chair are all made of highly elastic mesh fabric and are highly breathable, so you can sit comfortably even in the hot summer.

Adjustable lumbar support

The lumbar support provides extensive hip support, provides a comfortable leaning back and relieves the discomfort of sitting down.

Ergonomic "S" curve

An ergonomically designed backrest with a tough high-back design that matches the S-shaped curve of the back. It guides you to the correct posture and can improve back fatigue and pain.

Flip-up armrest

Locking function

Outstanding durability

With casters

Flip-up armrest

The flip-up armrest can be lifted up and stored in a desk for neat storage, saving about 2 m2 of space.

Locking function

You can use the locking function that swings back and forth by pulling the lever under the seat. In addition, you can easily adjust the strength of locking by turning the knob under the seat surface to the left or right.

Turn counterclockwise to loosen

Turn clockwise to harden

Explosion-proof steel pedestal

For outstanding durability, we use steel-based materials that prevent explosions and escort them to protect their safety.

With casters

A caster that can rotate freely within a 360-degree range, has excellent stability, is easy to move, and is a convenient caster.

Desk chair Office chair Mesh chair Compact chair Simple work desk
9 cm thick seat office chair PC chair Compact chair Mesh back chair Simple work desk
Locking function be be be be
Armrest Flip-up type Flip-up type Flip-up type Flip-up type
Lumber support be be No No
With elbows be be be be
Product size Width 60 x Depth 59 x Height 94-104 Width 60 x Depth 59 x Height 94-104 Width 64 x Depth 56 x Height 92-102 Width 64 x Depth 56 x Height 92-102 Width 100 x Depth 50 x Height 73
weight 12kg 12kg 11kg 11kg 11kg
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