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HUION Inspiroy Keydial KD200 Tablet Battery-free Wireless Graphics Digital Drawing Tablet with Keyboard Digitizer Table

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Products Details


A. KD200 is a passive wireless digital tablet with keyboard and dial functions , and it is the first generation of Keydial series . No need to switch back and forth between the keyboard and the tablet, and realize the efficient working mode of one-handed control of the keys and one-handed drawing, which can be more in line with the working mode high efficiency professionals.

B. For the pursuit of efficiency, this is also the first digital tablet to use Bluetooth 5.0 compatible wireless connection .

C. Best for creative professionals, school students, ACG enthusiasts, advanced painting artists, etc.



OS Support

In addition to Windows and macOS, KD200 is also compatible with Android.

Windows 7/8/8.1 (with cable and Dongle)

Windows 10 64 bit(Bluetooth)

MacOS 10.12 or later

Android 6.0 or later

Standard Keypad and Dial Function

23 standard pressure keys and dial. No need to switch back and forth between keyboard and tablet, realize the efficient working mode of one-handed control of keys and one-handed drawing.

Dial Controller: The default function is zooming the canvas. Dial clockwise to zoom in and counterclockwise to zoom out.

Dial Controller Role Change: Navigates or changes dial driver functions.

5 customizable press keys

5 customizable press keys available for you to individualize your workflow for greater efficiency.

Whether the driver is installed or not, the keys K1 through K5 are served as letters T, G, O, P, and L by default.


Notes: The built-in keyboard, dial controller and pressure softkeys are functional only on Huion Sketch when a phone is connected.



USB-C is easier to use as it is foolproof and provides higher transmission and power delivery efficiency than Micro USB.

Bluetooth 5.0 wireless connectivity

• 5-10 meter wireless range frees users from the cable connection.

• It is recommended to connect the Bluetooth receiver with parts running Win7, Win8/8.2 or 32-bit operating system to ensure a more stable signal;

• Connection between KD200 and devices with built-in bluetooth function can be done easily without bluetooth receiver.

With wireless Bluetooth 5.0 receiver

The wireless range is approximately 5 to 10 meters, which will vary as the environment changes.


Electromagnetic resonance without battery

EMR technology frees your pen from battery and charging. In addition to saving energy and being environmentally friendly, it provides a more precise and natural drawing experience.

8192 levels of pressure sensitivity

8192 levels of pressure sensitivity ensure that each line input is rendered in a more realistic way, as the shapes and colors of each line will vary vividly as the pressure applied to the pen changes.

Tilt support ±60°

The brush tilt of ±60° can be recognized in programs such as Photoshop without compromising accuracy.

5080LPI Pen Resolution

The 5080LPI resolution of the pen makes detailed pixel modification a reality and thus allows the delicacy of your works to fully unfold.

Built-in 1100mAh battery

Enough battery capacity to unleash your creativity on the tablet.

10mm detection height

The pen and tablet can respond to each other within 10mm sensing distance.

Led lights

The above five press keys on KD200 are integrated with 4 LED lights respectively, of the tablet which serve as indicators of status, battery consumption, Bluetooth connectivity and Num.

Frosted Tablet Board

New frosted finish material is applied to the working area of ​​the pen tablet. The frosted finish is resistant to fingerprints while mimicking the friction between pen and paper, giving users a more realistic drawing experience.

Slim and easy to carry

KD200 is specially designed with 8mm thickness and 650g weight, without damaging the battery capacity.

fast charging technology

KD200 can be charged via 5V 500mA or 5V 1A power supply. The minimum time required to charge is 1.2 hours with a 5V 1A power supply. 18 hours of battery life is definitely enough for your outdoor drawing.

Important notes:

A. When the computer has Win7, Win8/8.1 or 32-bit operating system, it is recommended to use the KD200 Wireless Bluetooth Receiver to prevent the unstable signal from affecting the creation.

B.KD200 can be directly connected to devices with Bluetooth module functions, such as mobile devices such as mobile phones and tablets, without a receiver; With a Bluetooth receiver, it can be connected to devices such as desktop computers.

Box contents:

KD200 Pen Tablet, PW517 Digital Pen, Bluetooth Receiver, USB-C Cable, PH05A Pen Holder, Nib Pen × 10, Nib Clip, Quick Start Guide, Glove

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